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You will find Full Circle Arts at 42-B Third Street NW in downtown Hickory.
Our front entrance is next to McGuire's Pub, down the spiral staircase.
Or you can come in the rear entrance off First Avenue NW
Exhibiting members' work is now on display.

Altered States: Digititally Enhanced Photography, January 11-February 17, competition/exhibition, a show of digitally manipulated photographic art.


Congratulations to the winners:

First, The Badlands, by Spencer Huffman

Second, Stand, by Dave DeBaeremaeker

Third, Bakery, by John Murgo

Honorable mentions:

At-At @ Sunset, by Dave DeBaeremaeker

The War, by Spencer Huffman

Water Meets Sky, by Heather Richard

Randy’s Place, by Tommy Stine


The show was judged by Aaron Tallman, a freelance graphic artist who teaches photographic technology, among other specialties, at Catawba Valley Community College and Rowan-Cabarrus Community College. 
Calendar  Pick up photographs Wed.- Fri., 21-23, 11:00-5:00pm or Sat. Feb. 24, 10:00-2:00pm


"My North Carolina: personal views of life in this state"   March 8 to April 14

A competition / exhibition open to all visual artists.

 Juror/Judge   Toni Carlton is a mixed media painter and the owner/director of Carlton Gallery for over 35 years in Grandfather Mtn. Community between Boone and Banner Elk, NC. The gallery features over 200 local, regional, and national artists working in all mediums and presents special exhibitions and many workshops for artists.

Awards    First— $300     Second—$200    Third—$100

Purpose The purpose of My North Carolina is to give area artists a means to show art in all visual media. We believe in presenting ideas in visual as well as other means to promote communication and thoughtfulness among the people of our community. We are looking for a personal view of life in this state.

Location    Entries should be hand delivered to and picked up from 42-B Third St. NW, Hickory (next door to McGuire’s Pub).

828-322-7545 Info@fullcirclearts.org


My North Carolina agreement

My North Carolina registration

 Tiny Art, May 3 - June 2

Past events

 Holiday Happenings, a special show of art by FCA associate and exhibiting members, December 6-30.

 Full Circle Arts Fall Competition, October 26 to November 25.

The purpose of the Fall Competition is to give area artists a means to show art in all visual media.  We believe in presenting ideas in visual as well as other means to promote communication and thoughtfulness among people of our community.  There is no specific theme; all ideas are welcome.


The show was judged by Jon Carfagno, Executive Director of the Hickory Museum of Art.

Our congratulations to the winners:


First prize: Homage to Early Diebenkorn, by Craig Schliszt

Second prize: They Dreamed of Italy, by Kathryn Regel

Third prize: Body Shop, by Zan Thompson

Honorable mentions: Cliffhanger, by Patrick Fullwood

     The Gamer, by Mark Poteat

     American Flag, by Debra Zimmerman

Our thanks to Carl and Sharon Cline of Resource Partners, LLC, William f. Straka, DDS, PA, John and Ann Hinson, and Pete and Virginia W. Sobotkin for their generous support.



Full Circle Arts Ninth Annual Fund-Raising Silent Auction Gala, October 5.  

Our thanks to everyone who participated.  Full Circle Arts could not survive without the support of its friends and members.  The auction is to help Full Circle Arts continue to fund its gallery, educational programs, competitions, and events.  We appreciate the support of so many in the community in donating items for this fund-raising event.  An immediate goal is funding of membership in the Chamber of Commerce.  A second goal is funding to improve our website.

Congratulations to Claudia Bujold, who had the winning raffle ticket for "Moon Bowl", by well-known wood craftsman Eddie Hamrick.


Assemblages   July 27-August 26, 2017

"Assemblages" is a show of art made of more than one part or piece.   From the early days of Cubism to today, artists have been putting things together to create something new.  Your art may be as “natural” or “non-objective” as you like, as long as it’s made of different parts, glued, sewn, wired, whatever you think of, to stand up or hang on the wall.
The show was judged by Pat Viles, internationally acclaimed mixed media artist.
Congratulations to the winners:
First - Thrift Store Clock, by D.B. Morris
Second - Storm over the Mountain Lake, by Meredith Janssen
Third - Heron at Dusk, by Patrick Fullwood
Honorable mentions:
Ocean Queen, by Tereza Bentley
Red Fancy, by Evan Ellis-Raymer
Materialism, by Meredith Janssen
Family Memories, by Marion Lunneman
Peoples' Choice - Doors Unlocked and Opened, by, Hannah Grace

FCA Member Show June 21 - July 15

An exhibition showcasing the work of Full Circle Arts' Associate and Exhibiting members.


Fifth Annual  Tiny Art Show     May 11—June 10, 2017

The show was judged for ribbons by Jeff Kiefer, Visual Art Instructor at Catawba Valley Community College.  Congratulations to the winners: First: Tulips and Propane, by Karen Parker,  Second: Evening Stroll, by Eugenie B. Fein,  Third: Georgetown Waterfront Cafes, by Zan Thompson,  Honorable MentionsStarburst, by Carla Brandel,  Coffee Cup, by Carla Brandel,  Bread Butter & Bullet Holes, by Mark C. Hickman,  Untitled, by Beth Oczkowski,  The Incredible Ball, by Anita Rhoney.

Visitors have been voting for their favorite tiny art work.  The Peoples Choice is  Sunrise over the Mountains, by Beth Oczkowski.

Connections  March 16 - April 22, 2017
The theme of Connections was presented as a challenge to artists to use their imaginations.  What does this word bring to mind and how will you express it in your art?  The purpose of Connections is to give area artists a means to show art in all visual media. 

FCA appreciates the support of Tracey Horton, DDS, Luke Scheibner Insurance Services, William F. Straka, DDS, and an anonymous donor, for their support for this exhibition.

Judge for the exhibition was Liliya Zalevskaya, Gaston College Art Dept., Printmaking & Photography Instructor. Congratulations to the winners:


First - Buzz Browning, for Leaving Egypt,  acrylic

Second - Meredith Janssen, for Intimate Recital,  photo transfer & intaglio print

Third - Genie Greenlaw, for Heart of the Gallery,  wool

Honorable mentions - Max J. Herbert, for Green Radio,  acrylic

John Murgo, for Crashing Down, digital photo

Julian Phelps, for Escape,  mixed media

Zan Thompson, for Connection between Heaven and Earth,  watercolor



50 Shades: Black & White Photography  Jan. 19 - Feb. 25, 2017


The show was judged by Clayton Joe Young, award winning photographer with a background in photojournalism.

First: Meredith Janssen, for Geometrics, photo (digital)

Second: Tonya Holmes, for Confused in Snow, photography

Third: Jennifer Roten, for Lost in Thought - Bobcat Reflections, digital black & white   

Honorable mentions:

Gaye Aponte, for Sunny Sentry Box, photography

Tonya Holmes, for Forty One Floors, photography

Meredith Janssen, for Nature's Revenge, photo (digital)

John Murgo, for Tuscan, altered photograph

Jennifer Roten, for Solitary, digital black & white



 Gallery Sitters Needed